Planning an outside wedding can be a blast. But there are some things that can ruin the fun of the experience. In this article were going to take at look at how to plan an outdoor wedding so that things go smoothly.

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Where Will People Go To The Bathroom?

Allot of people forget about this until the very last minute. But it really is important. You don’t want people holding forever or lining up somewhere to use the restroom. You may need to rent some porta potties. In fact, you probably will need to.

What About The Weather

The weather can really effect the enjoyment of an outdoor wedding. If it’s too hot where can people go? If is starts to rain where will people go? Your going to need to get a big enough tent that can hold all of your guests underneath of it. Don’t forget the weather could have some negative effects on children and older people.


The biggest decision you will have to make for an outdoor wedding is where to have it. The best place is often in the country. This usually leaves more room for parking and you won’t interfere with your neighbors too much. But there are lots of other alternatives too. Gardens and parks can make for good locations.


Don’t just assume that the outdoors will be cheaper. That may not always be the case. It can cost allot in rental fees. Where will you get tables and chairs? How will you get them to the location? What about music? What about the cost of renting a tent? Where will your guest stay? How hard will it be to get your guest to that location? These are things that could increase the cost of your wedding.

Have Backup Site

There is nothing worse then having poor weather for an outside wedding. You should have another location in mind as a backup. Ideally this should be a low cost location. You may even have to pay a rental fee just to book it. If you don’t do this your entire wedding may get spoiled because of bad weather.