A springtime wedding can be a really great idea for the couple who enjoy the season. Some people worry about the weather, but there are plenty of good reasons as to why you may want to have a wedding during the spring season. One of them happens to be price. The spring can often be a little more affordable then the summer. Another reason is that everything is coming out in full bloom. The colors are great and fresh at this time of year.

– If you have decided on the spring for you wedding then here are some things that you should keep in mind while you are planning.

– The weather can be a problem depending on the climate of where you live. Some days can be nice and other days it can be raining. The weather often gets better towards the end of spring.

– A flower wedding theme can be really good for the springtime. For example, you could decorate with lots of tulips.

– Prom can create a problem if your looking to rent a limo. You might have to book well ahead of time because of this.

– Prom can also work to your advantage. Some women actually wear prom dresses as a wedding dress. You might find one that is on sale.

– Gardens make a great outdoor setting for this time of year. The flowers are starting to bloom, things are turning green, and plants are generally healthy at this time of year.

– A horse and carriage can make for great transportation for this time of year.

– Go with a more relaxed look for the wedding dress. Keep things a little more simple.

– For food many will have an easter type meal. Were talking ham, lamb, carrots, and potatoes.